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This Directorate General Public Relations has been performing the following functions...

  • To create better understanding of government efforts, policies and political will in the public through dedicated efforts by effective utilization of mass media, publicity and media management and image building of Punjab government.
  • It also promotes national integration and cultural activities and organization of relevant seminars and symposia.
  • The DGPR maintain Press Laws relating to newspapers, books, magazines pamphlets, posters etc. entrusted to the Home Department and control on the reproduction of books and literary works of foreign origin, screening of periodicals and magazines, particularly the foreign magazines of repute.
  • The DGPR also provide press clippings of public demands, complaints suffering etc to relevant departments / agencies.
  • The Technical Section (Sound) of the DGPR provides public address system for the official meetings / public functions.
  • Its Advertisement Section release official and semi-official advertisements through media.
  • It Facilitate for the journalists including accreditation of press correspondents and press photographers, etc and preparation /screening of films and documentaries and speech writing.
  • The network of Director Public Relations / Deputy Director Public Relations / District Information Officers at Divisional /District level and attach Public Relation Officers to Governor, Chief Minister and Provincial Ministers is another function of this Directorate General Public Relations.

Core Functions

Press Information

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