Directorate General Public Relations, Punjab:

Model Town Inquiry Report (05 Dec 2017)

Government of Punjab Budget 2017-18

No. Description Action
1 Annual Budget Statement 2017-18 Download
2 White Paper 2017-18 Download
3 Budget Speech 2017-18 Download
4 Receipts 2017-18 Download
5 Development 2017-18 Vol-I Download
6 Development 2017-18 Vol-II Download
7 Non-Development 2017-18 Vol-I Download
8 Non-Development 2017-18 Vol-II Download
9 Highlights ADP 2017-18 Final(1-6-2017) by P&D Download
10 ADP 2017-18-VOL1 Download
11 ADP 2017-18 - VOL2 Download


No. Description Action
3 National Action Plan : پُر امن، پُر اُمید پنجاب Download
4 National Action Plan : Pur Aman, Pur Umeed Punjab Download

Accreditation Forms

No. Description Action
1 Accreditation Form (Form-A) Download
2 Accreditation Form (Form-B) Download

Ordinances, Acts, Bill, Rules & Regulations

No. Description Action
1 Government’s Proposed And Modified Cybercrime Bill 2015 Download
2 News Agencies, Publications, and Printing Presses Ordinance (2010) Download
3 PEMRA Ordinance (2002) Download
4 DGPR Service Rules & Regulations Download
5 DGPR Advertisement Rules & Regulations Download
6 Journalist Housing Foundation (JHF) Community Act 2004 Download
7 Journalist Housing Foundation (JHF) Community Rules 2007 Download
8 Use of UAVs, Drone Cameras, Flying Cameras and Quad Copters (4th January 2016) – Ministry of Defense Download
9 The Punjab Restriction on Employment of Children Ordinance 2016 Download
10 Upgradation and Strengthening of Directorate General Public Relations, Punjab Download
11 Punjab Protection of Women Against Violence Act 2016 (Updated) Download
12 The Punjab Transparency and Right To Information Act 2013 Download
13 The Punjab Transparency and Right to Information Rules 2014 Download

Detail of Advertisements Released to Newspapers / Periodicals by DGPR Punjab

No. Description Action
1 Newspaper Advertisement Business Report   (01 Jul. 2014 - 30 Jun. 2015) Download
2 Newspaper Advertisement Business Report   (01 Jul. 2015 - 31 Oct. 2015) Download
3 Newspaper Advertisement Business Report   (01 Jan. 2016 - 31 Dec. 2016) Download


  • The PROs should not concentrate only on publicizing routine speeches and activities of the ministers but they should make close liaison with the Secretaries and should be responsible for the projection of the development projects, policies and initiatives of the government on every stage, right from launching till implementation

  • they should regularly contribute quality articles to the press regarding the various activities besides highlighting the responsibilities of the citizens viz a viz various government initiatives

  • Such articles should be helpful in inculcating the civic sense among the illiterate, or semi-literate masses regarding cleanliness, hygienic conditions, observance of traffic laws, playing every citizen’s role in helping the government in maintenance of law & order, achieving universal literacy, power conservation, water conservation and making anti-smoking campaign a success

  • They should cultivate and maintain good relations with mediamen, especially anchors, reporters of Electronic Media and News Editors, Sub-Editors, Columnists and Feature Writers in Print Media for the better projection of the government besides getting their help in achieving the strategies and mission of the state functionaries
1. What is basic role of DGPR Punjab?
2. DGPR Punjab belongs to which Department of the Government?
3. What is the difference between DGPR Punjab and Press Information Department?
4. What is relationship of DGPR Punjab with media?
5. What is the role of DGPR in issuance of government advertisements?
6. DGPR Punjab issues accreditation cards to which journalists?
7. What is the role of Public Relations Officers (PROs) in DGPR?
8. DGPR uses what means for publicity of government policies and development projects?
9. Does DGPR have any role in providing financial assistance to journalists?
10. What is the role of DGPR in establishing press club for journalists?
11. What is the role of DGPR in inter-provincial harmony?
12. What are the responsibilities of DGPR In enforcement of press laws?
13. Does DGPR give approval to title of newspapers, and journalists?
14. What are the responsibilities of Books Section of DGPR?
15. Who appoints the head of DGPR Punjab?
16. How are officers of DGPR recruited?
17. Are there offices of DGPR in other cities?

What is basic role of DGPR Punjab?

The basic role of DGPR Punjab is to publicise through media, Punjab government’s welfare policies and development projects, alongwith improving its perceptions among the people, while apprising the government about problems, feelings and sentiments of the people.

DGPR Punjab belongs to which Department of the Government?

DGPR is part of Information and Culture Department of Punjab government.

What is the difference between DGPR Punjab and Press Information Department?

DGPR is part of Punjab government while PID is Information Department of Federal Government.

What is relationship of DGPR Punjab with media?

DGPR Punjab provides news of all departments of Punjab government and their publicity material to the people through electronic and print media. Therefore, there is a close relationship of DGPR with media and journalists.

What is the role of DGPR in issuance of government advertisements?

Punjab government issues advertisement of all its departments through the advertisement Wing of DGPR, which releases it to newspapers, journals and TV channels.

DGPR Punjab issues accreditation cards to which journalists?

The Department of Public Relations issues accreditation cards to authentic journalists working in the province every year.

What is the role of Public Relations Officers (PROs) in DGPR?

DDGPR deputes a Public Relations Officer (PRO) with every important personality and department and government structure. These PROs apprise the people about various meetings, statements, announcements and activities of Chief Minister, Governor, District Coordination Officer (DCO) and all provincial ministers through media.

DGPR uses what means for publicity of government policies and development projects?

DGPR uses all tools related to media to ensure publicity of government policies, which include handouts, press releases, articles, press conferences, TV talk shows, documentary films, tickers, issuance of news photos, alongwith keeping close liaison with journalists.

Does DGPR have any role in providing financial assistance to journalists?

Yes DGPR provides financial assistance to financially challenged journalists in case of any difficulty or accident.

What is the role of DGPR in establishing press club for journalists?

DGPR provides financial assistance to already established press clubs in various districts and divisions throughout Punjab, alongwith establishing new press clubs.

What is the role of DGPR in inter-provincial harmony?

DGPR plays important role in inter-provincial liaison and harmony by arranging boarding and lodging of journalists coming from other provinces, apprising them of important activities of Punjab government and promoting goodwill among them.

What are the responsibilities of DGPR In enforcement of press laws?

Enforcement of press laws is the responsibility of the federal government; however, the press laws branch of DGPR plays a vital role in curbing publication of objectionable and sectarian material.

Does DGPR give approval to title of newspapers, and journalists?

TThis used to be responsibility of the press laws branch of DGPR, however these powers, have now been transferred to PID of federal government. However, DGPR can send its recommendations to Press Information Department.

What are the responsibilities of Books Section of DGPR?

The books section of DGPR monitors all books published in the province. The aim of this wing is to check publication of books based on immoral or forbidden material.

Who appoints the head of DGPR Punjab?

The head of DGPR is appointed by Chief Minister Punjab and any senior officer of the Department, bureaucrat or officer of PID is eligible for the post.

How are officers of DGPR recruited?

The officers of DGPR are recruited through Punjab Public Service Commission and they begin their service in grade-17. However there is a quota of departmental promotion.

Are there offices of DGPR in other cities?

Yes, there are offices of DGPR in all district and divisions of Punjab apart from its headquarter in Lahore.

Tehsil Press Club (Regd)

Sarparast-e-aala : Raja Muhammad Anwar
Chairman: Chaudary Muhammad Afzal
President: Shahid Hussain Anjum
Secretary General : Imran Rashid Yawar
City: Sarai Alamgir
Phone : +92 333 5835335
Cell : +92 0312 4331213
Email :

Awami Press Club

President: M. Aslam Hujrvi
Secretary General: Haji Muhammad Yar
Vice President: M. Siddique Anes
City: Hujra Shah Muqeem
Phone : 03008697257
Email :

Dera Press Club D I Khan

President : Ramzan Seemab
Secretary General : Iqbal Bhatti
Vice President : Imran Hafeez
City : Dera Ismail Khan
Phone : 0966718899
Email :

District Press Club, Chiniot

President: Ch. Sarwar
Secretary General: Dir Riaz Shahid
Vice President: Aurang Zeb Malik
City: Chiniot
Phone: 923056992317

District Press Club, Mardan

President: Muhammad Zaman Adil
Secretary General: Akhunzada Abid Ali
Vice President: Abdul Awal Zia
City: Mardan
Phone: 0313-7771474, 0301-8180738

Ghazi Press Club

President :
City : Dera Ghazi Khan
Phone : +923366722227
Email :

Gohar Press Club, Manga Mandi

President: Faryad Afzal Rana
Secretary General: Abid Bhatti
Vice President: Imtiaz Hussain
City: Manga Mandi
Phone : 0333-4957513
Email :

Gojra Press Club

President: Abdul Latif Sahu
Secretary General: Malik Amjad Islam Amjad
Vice President: Rana Muhammad Iqbal Janbaz
City: Gojra
Phone: 03006554864,03143018281

Jalalpursobtian Press Club

President : Dr Muhammad Zia ul haq
Secretary General : Raja Arshad
Vice President : MalikSaqibNawaz
City: District Gujrat
Phone : 03006278433
Email :

Karachi Press Club

President: Fazil Jamili
Secretary: Allauddin Khanzada
267-B, SarwarSaheed Road, Karachi  
Ph: 92-021-5689155; 92-021-5686910      
Fax: 92-021-5689019

Kashmore Press Club

President: Ghulam Akbar Mazari
Secretary General: Irfan Ali
Vice President: Baksh Khan
Ph: 0333-7155111

Kassowal Press Club, Chichawatni

President : Rana Tahir Javed
Secretary General : Khalid Javed Akhtar
Vice President : Mahar Anwarul Haq Ramay
City : Kassowal
Phone : +92-40-5410170
Email :
Website :

Kohistan Press Club, Dassu

President: Qari Muhammad Saeed
Secretary General : Shams Ur Rehman Shams
Vice President: Malik Abdul Hakeem
City : Dassu Kohistan
Phone : 0998500197 0313 5973893
Email :

Ladha Press Club, South Waziristan Agency

President: Muhammad Farooq Mehsud
Secretary General: Sher Ullah Shakir
Vice President: Ameer Hamza
City: South Waziristan
Phone: 03343438582

Lahore Press Club

President: Muhammad Shahbaz Mian
Secretary General: Shadab Riaz
Shimla Pahari, Davis Road , Lahore
Ph: 92-042-6364792
Fax: 92-042-6364792

Larkana Media Center

President : Nazir Siyal
Secretary General : Zakir Qayoom
Vice President : Nadeem Ahmed
City : Larkana
Phone : 0333-7554016
Email :

Lasbela Awami Press Club

President: Nawaz Ali Sheikh
Secretary General: Siraj Ali Sheikh
Vice President: Abdul Ghafoor Azad
City: Uthal
Phone : 0853610541
Email :

Loralai Press Club

President : Khan Mohammad Khno
Secretary General : Mohammad Namee Nasir
Vice President : Mohammad Usman Mushakhail
City : Loralai
Phone : 0824662063
Email :

Luddan Press Club

President: Mahar Shahadat Ali Sial
Secretary General: M Asghar Kamlana
Vice President: M Mirza Luk
City: Luddan Distt Vehari
Phone: 03003003553

Manga Mandi Press Club

President :  Rana Ashfaq Ahmad

Chairman: Dr Adnan

Vice Chairman: Mian Aamir
General Secretary: Mian Ilyas 
City : Lahore

Phone : 0300-0422206

Multan Press Club

President: Ashfaq Ahmed

Secretary General: Mirza Nadeem
Sr. Vice President: Shahid Sitho
City: Multan
Phone: 92 61 4546292

Muzaffargarh Press Club

President : A B Mujahid
Secretary General : Ch Khalid Iqbal Ghujjar
Vice Presidents: Khan Qadoos Naqaz Khan, Sheikh Faisal Faraz Khan
City : Muzaffargarh
Phone :+92662427878,+923006361844
Other Detail : Zila Council Chowk Muzaffargarh, Post Code#34200 Punjab, Pakistan

National Press Club Ubauro

President : Muhammad Aslam
Secretary General : Gull Muhammad Penhwar
Vice President : Khushi Muhammad
City : Ubauro
Phone : 0723688044
Email :
Other Detail : NPC (R)UBAURO District Ghotki

National Press Club, Badin

President: Anees Memon
Secretary General: Murtaza Memon
Vice President: Saher Jafri
City: Badin
Phone: 0297-862186

National Press Club, Islamabad

President: Shakeel Anjum
F-6/1, Islamabad
Ph:  051-2604147
Secretary: Imran Yaqub Dhilon

Nowshera Press Club

President: Mushtaq Ahmad Paracha
General Secretary: Shehanshah

Nushki Press Club

President: Barkat Zaib
Secretary General: Tayyab Yallanzai Baloch
Vice President: Dawood Mengal
City: Nushki
Phone: 0825873738/03318492978

Peshawar Press Club

President: Syed Bukhar Shah Bacha
Secretary: Alamgir Khan
Opposite Railway Station,
Peshawar Cantonment  
Ph: 091-9211082  

Pir Mahal Press Club

President: Ch Muhammad Sarwar Anjum
Secretary General: Mian Asad Hafeez
Vice President: Muhammad Hussain
City: Pir Mahal, Toba Tek Singh
Phone: 046-3367599

Pishin Press Club

President: M. Asghar Khan Attal
Near Muchan High School, Opposite Afghan Market,
Band Road, Pishin
Ph: 0826-504610; 0300-9386208

Press Club Bahawalnagar

President : Tariq Hafeez
Secretary General : Rao Dilshad Ahmad Naveed
Vice President : Ch.Muhammad shafique
City : Bahawalnagar
Phone : 0344-4444278
Email :
Website :

Press Club Bahawalpur

President: Wajahat Bashir Dharala
Secretary General : Athar Farooq Awan
Vice President: Iftikhar Mughal
City: Bahawalpur
Phone: 0622283842
Email :

Press Club Haveli Lakha

President : Dr Khalid Hussain
Secretary General : Fiaz Ahmad Mudassar
Vice President : Muhammad Azhar Hameed
City : Haveli Lakha
Phone : +923336974971
Email :

Press Club Havelian

President: Abdul Shakoor Shah
Secretary General: Syed Abbas Tirmizy
Vice President: Abdul Hafeez
City: Havelian
Phone : 0992810899
Email :
Website :

Press Club Khairpur

President : Khan Muhammad
Secretary General : Ubaid shah
Vice President :
City : Khairpur
Phone : 03003293872
Email :

Press Club Lakki Marwat

President : Muhammad Tariq Marwat
Secretary General : Zafar Iqbal Marwat
Vice President : Muhammad Jibran Sanan
City : Lakki Marwat
Phone : 0969-511577
Email :
Website :

Press Club Maqsoodo Rind

President: Budhal Rind
Secretary General: Shad Ali Mangi
Vice President: Amjad Ajiz Mangi
City: Sanghar
Phone: 0235-811122

Press Club Pakpattan

President: Sheikh Munir Ahmad
Secretary General: Waqar Farid Jugno
Vice President: A.D.Shahid
City: Pakpattan
Phone : 03067254862
Email :

Press Club Pakpattan

President: Sheikh Munir Ahmad
Secretary General: Waqar Farid Jugno
Vice President: Rana Muhammad Saleem Shaheen
City: Pakpattan
Phone: 0457353111

Press Club Shadi Large

President: Tajamal Hussain Khatak
Secretary General: Khalid Nawaz Jutt
Vice President: Malik Mohd Amjed
City: Shadi Large District Badin
Phone: 0333-7577685/0297-800313

Punjab Press Club, Islamabad

President: Syed Kousar Javed Bijnori
Secretary General: Dr. Ikram Elahi Sheikh
Vice President: Rao Shahid Aslam
City: Islamabad
Phone: +92-300-8536181

Qila Ahmad Abad Press Club

President : Ghulam Murtaza Bajwa
Secretary General: Niaz Hussain Mughal
Vice President: Faheem Ahmad Bajwa
City: Qila Ahmad Abad
Phone: 03234462611
Email :
Other Detail : Qila Ahmad Abad (previously Qila Sobha Singh), District Narowal

Quetta Press Club

President: Shehzada Zulfiqar
Quetta Press Club Building
Adalat Road, Quetta
Ph: 92-81-836812
Fax: 92-81- 836894

Sargodha Press Club

President: Naeem Akther Khan
Secretary General: Rana Sajid
Vice President: Malik Asgher
City: Sargodha
Phone : 03009603674
Email :

Shahdadkot Press Club

President: Sikander Ali Laghari
Secretary General: Muhammed Yousif Kamboh
Vice President: Ghulam Sarwar Kamboh
City: Shahdadkot
Phone: +923337502395

Swat Press Club

Chairman: Fayaz Zafar
Secretary: Mehboob Ali

Tando Bago Press Club, Badin

President: Muzifar Hussain Khawaja
Secretary General: M. Usman Rahookaroo
Vice President: Nasrullah Jarwar
City: Tando Bago
Phones: 03322196861/ 03332536261/ 03313834738
Email :

Tharparkar Media Center

President : Aijaz Bajeer
Secretary General : Lyakat Nohario
Vice President : Gulzar Gul Otho
City: Mithi
Phone : 0232261700
Email :

Ubauro National Press Club, Ubauro

President: Gul Muhammad Phanwar
Secretary General: Abdul Razaque Nahar
Vice President: Zahoor Gul Dahar
City : Ubauro, Sindh
Phone : 0723688044
Email :

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