Directorate General Public Relations, Government of Punjab :


This Department firstly established as Directorate in early 1940 and up-graded as Directorate General Public Relations, Punjab in 1984. This department is the main publicity arm of the Punjab Government. It essentially deals with dissemination of Information, Public Relations and Protocol duties, focusing mainly on projection of official policies, activities and development programs through issuance of handouts, Press notes and through maintaining a close liaison with the press. It also keeps the Government informed about the reaction of the people either favorable or hostile towards its policies through an elaborate feedback system. Its field offices are located at "9" Divisional Information Offices, "27" District and "1" Liaison office at Karachi as well as a Southern office at Multan respectively.
The Headquarters at Lahore draws extensive support from the Press Information, Films Unit, Publications Unit, Research and References, Press Laws, Advertisement and Technical Sections and New Electronic Media Section in performing its duties.
In order to achieve the above targets and to ensure smooth functioning of the department, the following sections have been established at Headquarters Office:


This Directorate General Public Relations has been performing the functions to create better understanding of government efforts, policies and political will in the public through dedicated efforts by effective utilization of mass media, publicity and media management and image building of Punjab government. It also promotes national integration and cultural activities and organization of relevant seminars and symposia. The DGPR maintain Press Laws relating to newspapers, books, magazines pamphlets, posters etc. entrusted to the Home Department and control on the reproduction of books and literary works of foreign origin, screening of periodicals and magazines, particularly the foreign magazines of repute. The DGPR also provide press clippings of public demands, complaints suffering etc to relevant departments / agencies.
The Technical Section (Sound) of the DGPR provides public address system for the official meetings / public functions. Its Advertisement Section release official and semi-official advertisements through media. It Facilitate for the journalists including accreditation of press correspondents and press photographers, etc and preparation /screening of films and documentaries and speech writing. The network of Director Public Relations / Deputy Director Public Relations / District Information Officers at Divisional /District level and attach Public Relation Officers to Governor, Chief Minister and Provincial Ministers is another function of this Directorate General Public Relations.

Director General Public Relations, Punjab

Ms. Nabeela Ghazanfar

May 31,2018 - Present

Name From To
Mr. Muhammad Shahid Iqbal November 06,2017 May 31, 2018
Mr. Muhammad Abdullah Khan Sumbal October 10,2017 November 06, 2017
Mr. Jahangir Anwar August 20, 2015 October 10,2017
Mr. Ather Ali Khan November 19, 2013 August 20, 2015
Mr. Amjad Hussain march 29,2013 November 19, 2013
Mr. Ather Ali Khan Febuary 07,2012 March 29, 2013
Syed Tahir Raza Hamdani October 25,2011 Febuary 06,2012
Mr. Muhammad Aslam Dogar July 07,2010 October 10, 2011
Mr. Raoof Hasan March 08,2010 May 31, 2010
Mr. Mohyyddin Ahmad Wani Aril 01,2009 July 31, 2009
Mr.Farrukh Mehmood Shah February 26,2009 March 31,2009
Mr. Shoaib Bin Aziz Decenber 03,2002 December 04,2006
Mr. Gulzar Hussain Mashhadi October 10,2002 December 02,2002
Mr. Mansoor Sohail July 15,2002 October 11,2002
Mr. Tahir Jamil October 19,2000 July 15,2002
Mr. M. Shabbir Anwar December 06,1999 June 18,2000
Mr. Shoaib Bin Aziz August 29, 1998 December 06, 1999
Mr. Muhammad Akram Shaheedi March 25, 1997 August 28, 1998
Mr. Ashfaq Ahmad Gondal October 12, 1995 March 25, 1997
Mr. Muhammad Akram Shaheedi December 21, 1993 November 07, 1995
Mr. Islam Haider April 03, 1991 October 30, 1993
Mr. Muhammad Hussain Malik September 08, 1990 April 03, 1991
Mr. Karamat Ali Khan July 31, 1990 September 08, 1990
Mr. Islam Haider February 07, 1990 July 31, 1990
Mr. Muhammad Hussain Malik December 14, 1986 February 07, 1990
Mrs. Shahnaz Arshad August 27, 1986 September 17, 1986
Dr. Safdar Mahmood August 20, 1986 December 27, 1986
Mr. Javed Akhtar February 18, 1985 August 19, 1986

List of PROs

Name of Officer Name of Minister / Department Contact No.
Mr. Rafi Ullah
(Deputy Director)
PRO to Chief Minister, Punjab 042-99201288
Mr. Javed Younis
(Deputy Director)
PRO to Governor, Punjab 042-99200055
Mr. Gohar Aziz
(Deputy Director)
Mr. Ahmad Waqas Riaz
Information & Culture Department
Forest, Wildlife & Fisheries
Mr. Abdul Rauf
(Information Officer)
Mr. Anjum Nisar
Industries, Commerce & Investment Department
Zakat & Usher Department
Irrigation, Mines & Minerals Department
Ms. Saba Farooq
Information Officer
Mr. Faisal Mushtaq
Human Rights & Minorities
Family Planning, Social Welfare
Baitul Maal
Mr. Asad Rabbani
Shift Incharge
Sardar Tanveer Almas
Food, Agriculture, Planning & Development
Mr. Nazimuddin
(Deputy Director)
Mr. Zafar Mahmood
Energy Department
Local Government & Community Development Department
Mr. Akhlaq Ali Khan
(Deputy Director)
Dr. Jawad Sajid Khan
Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department
Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education Department
Ms. Amber Jabeen
(Information Officer)
Mr. Zia H. Rizvi
Finance Department
Excise & Taxation &
Narcotics Control Department
Mr. Kamran Yousaf
(Deputy Director)
Mr. Shoukat Javed
Home Department, Sports, Public Prosecution
Mr. Abdul Ali Khan
Information Officer

Mr. Saeed Ullah Babar
Housing, Cooperative & Environment Department
Mr. Amjad Kalyar
Sardar Tanveer Almas, Food, Agriculture, Planning & Development. 0300-6360501
Mr. Farhan Ali Sheikh
(Information Officer)
Mian Nauman Kabeer
Labour, Human Resource, Transport Department

Our Team

Department Name Designation
Electronic Media Mr. Abid Noor Bhatti Director
Coordination Ms. Nabeela Ghazanfar Director
Administration Ms. Nabeela Ghazanfar Director
Development Mr. Muhammad Arif Director
Films and Publications Chaudry Muhammad Ajmad Director
Press Laws Mr. Arshad Saeed Director
Press Information Syed Mubbashir Hussain Deputy Director
Books & Research Syed Ali Tahir Deputy Director
Information Technology Mr. Shahid Nawaz Deputy Director
Technical Mr. Aamir Butt Deputy Director

Field Offices

Divisional Information Office (Bahawalpur)
Name Designation Office Cell
Mr. Ijaz Mehmood Director Public Relations (DPR) 062-9250228-9 0333-8557679
Mr. Nasir Hameed Deputy Director 063-9240234
Mr. Nauman Masood District Information Officer
Mr. Anees Ahmad PPO
Mr. Tariq Ismail District Information Officer (Bahawalnagar) 063-9240234 0333-4797222
Vacant District Information Officer (Rahim Yar Khan) 068-9230264-7 N.A
Divisional Information Office (Dera Ghazi Khan)
Name Designation Office Cell
Mr. Riaz ul Haq Bhatti Deputy Director Public Relations 064-2462678
Mr. Muhammad Junaid Jatoi District Information Officer ( D.G. Khan)
Mr. Furqan Abbas Haider Deputy Director 0604-688873 0333-6143165
Mr. Yousaf Jawad Deputy Director 0604-688873
Mr. Nisar Ahmad District Information Officee (Layyah) 0606-412793 0336-4422298
Mr. Asad Ullah District Information Officee (Rajanpur) 0334-9997444
Mr. Muhammad Shehzad District Information Officer (Muzaffar Garh) 066-2422680
Divisional Information Office (Faisalabad)
Name Designation Office Cell
Mr. Rai Nazar Hayat Director Public Relations (DPR) 0477-622961 0333-4969335
Mr. Subhan Ali Deputy Director 0477-622961 0333-6691920
Mr. Awais Abid District Information Officer (Faisalabad) N.A N.A
Post Vacant District Information Officer (Toba Tek Singh) N.A N.A
Post Vacant District Information Officer (Jhang) N.A N.A
Post Vacant District Information Officer (Chiniot) N.A. N.A.
Divisional Information Office (Gujranwala)
Name Designation Office Cell
Mr. Arif Hussain Bhatti Director Public Relations (DPR) 055-9200132-147 N.A
Mr. Tahir Mehmood Deputy Director 055-9200132-147 0300-6494951
Munawar Hussain District Information Officer (Gujranwala) 055-9200132-147 N.A
Post Vacant District Information Officer (Gujrat) 053-3603281 N.A
Mr. Iftikhar Ali Shah Deputy Director (Hafizabad) 0547-524119 0331-5666454
Post Vacant District Information Officer (Mandi Bahauddin) 0546-506850 N.A
Mr. Waqar Hussain District Information Officer (Sialkot) 052-3254700 N.A
Mr. Zahid Hussain District Information Officer (Narowal) 0542-410090 N.A.
Divisional Information Office (Lahore)
Name Designation Office Cell
Ms. Zahida Ali Director Public Relations (DPR) 042-99204594 N.A.
Mr. Abid Ali Saleemi District Information Officer (Lahore) 049-9239030
Mr. Abdul Wahid District Information Officer (Kasur) 049-9239030 0300-8852371
Mr. Pawan Singh Arrora District Information Officer (Nankana Sahib) 056-2877012 0334-4082111
Mr. Khurshid Jeelani Deputy Director (Okara) 044-9200013 0331-5666471
Mr. Shehzad Ahmad District Information Officer (Sheikhupura) 056-9200274 0300-8410434
Divisional Information Office (Multan)
Name Designation Office Cell
Mr. Tahir Mehmood Director Public Relations (DPR) 061-4504011-14 N.A
Mr. Muhammad Asghar Khan Deputy Director 061-4504011-14 N.A
Mr. Muhammad Naeem Deputy Director 061-4504011-14 N.A
Ms. Iram Saleemi District Information Officer (Multan) 061-4504011-14 N.A
Mr. Waseem Yousaf District Information Officer (Multan) 061-4504011-14 N.A
Mr. Rahim Bukhsh Deputy Director Public Relations (Lodharan) 0608-9200196 0333-4969306
Mr. Salman Khalid District Information Officer (Khanewal) 065-9200236 0333-6142660
Mr. Salman Hussain District Information Officer (Pakpattan) 0457-371087 N.A
Mr. Aqeel Ashfaq Deputy Director (Sahiwal) 040-9200145 0333-3375400
Syed Majid Ali Shah District Information Officer (Vehari) 067-3362016 0334-7172277
Divisional Information Office (Rawalpindi)
Name Designation Office Cell
Mr. Hamid Javed Awan Director Public Relations (DPR) 051-9290707-250
Mr. Muhammad Awais District Information Officer 051-9290707-250
Ms. Tahira Parveen District Information Officer 051-9290707-250
Mr. Faiz Ul Hassam District Information Officer 051-9290707-250
Mr. Shahzad Niaz District Information Officer (Attock) 057-9316111 0321-5164226
Mr. Raja Mansoor District Information Officer (Chakwal) 0543-660093 0346-4467384
Mr. Muhammad Awais District Information Officer (Jhelum) 0544-733651 N.A
Divisional Information Office (Sargodha)
Name Designation Office Cell
Mr. Rauf Ahmad Director Public Relations (DPR) 048-9230212-3 N.A
Mr. Sharafat Hussain Deputy Director 048-9230212-3 0333-4969303
Mr. Atlas Khan Deputy Director (Bhakkar) 0453-9200046 0301-7959186
Ms. Tabinda Amjad Deputy Director (Khusahab) 0454-920008 N.A.
Mr. Tanveer Khalid Deputy Director (Mianwali) 0459-9200142 0333-49696304
Liaison Office, Karachi (Sindh)
Name Designation Office Cell
Mr. Ilyas Qureshi Deputy Director 021-9238518 0333-4969284
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